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Individual Prediction Leagues with own logo and design

  • The small solution for your individual Prediction League from
  • 39 EUR*
  • Customize your Prediction League at
  • Own logo and own design color on the web and in system emails
  • Shoutbox for communication between participants
  • Last game results of a team and direct comparison
  • List of participants who have not yet made any predictions on a game day
  • Pay conveniently with PayPal and start immediatly
  • Applies to one Prediction League and the entire EURO 2024 from the group stage to the final
  • Up to 100 participants, expandable via addon
  • *after tax, per league and tournament, inquire monthly price
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39,00 EUR

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We create your Prediction Game account on
We equip your user account with BASIC editing rights
We create the Prediction League
We send your bill
You receive a confirmation email from us and you can log in to the Prediction Game
You can customize your Prediction League
You can invite participants via mail or link
You can place your game predictions